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Cast Iron Essential Bundle

  • $26.99

100% Natural Cast Iron Seasoning Oil & Cleaning Soap designed to restore and maintain the natural seasoning on cast iron skillets, pans, woks and grills. 


An excellent gift for chefs, cooks & cast iron enthusiasts!

✓ CLEANS CAST IRON | Includes our Cast Iron Soap that is 100% plant-based & specially formulated to wash and clean your cast iron without destroying or introducing chemicals to your natural cast iron seasoning..


✓ SEASONS CAST IRON | Includes our Cast Iron Oil that is unlike any common cooking oil. Made with a solvent-less refined coconut oil base which has had its long-chain fatty acids removed. The result is a long lasting seasoning oil that does not smell rancid over time.


IDEAL FOR: Cast iron skillets, cast iron pots & frying pans, cast iron grills & griddles, cast iron woks, cast iron Dutch ovens, cast iron cookware.


DIRECTIONS: For cast iron that has rust damage, use our Cast Iron Scrub to remove any rust spots. Wash your cast iron cookware with our Cast Iron Soap to remove any left-over food residues. Dry the cast iron completely before applying oil. Pour two tablespoons of Cast Iron Oil onto the cookware and use a microfiber cloth to work the oil into the cast iron. Let sit, and dry.




Vegan-Friendly | GMO-Free | Gluten-Free | Cruelty-Free
Absolutely free of sulfates, phosphates, parabens & petrochemicals! 


** Individually Available; Cast Iron Oil & Cast Iron Soap  **
** Available in our Cast Iron Ultimate Bundle **