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Wood Wax Finish, 100 g

  • $17.99

100% Plant-Based Natural Wood Wax Conditioner & Finish formulated as a protective finish for use on raw wood furniture. Creates a waterproof finish that protects and enhances the look of natural wood furniture.

Protective finishing wax that enhances wood furniture and antiques.

✓ NATURAL WOOD FINISH | Made with conditioning oil that penetrates deep into the wood fibers to enhance the color and warmth of wood grain, while the rice bran wax offers a strong protective finish. Made entirely with plant-based ingredients making it safe to use on food contact surfaces.

✓ FORMULATED WITH COCONUT OIL | Unlike other wood oils on the market, this one is 100% plant-based and does not contain any harmful petrochemicals or strong fragrances. Safe to use around kids and pets.

✓ SCENTED WITH PURE ESSENTIAL OILS | A lightly scented wood wax finish made with our proprietary blend of orange essential oil. Helps to remove dirt and grime while adding a clean but subtle citrus fragrance.

    DIRECTIONS: Apply Caron & Doucet Natural Wood Oil liberally to wood surface while using a cloth to work oil into the wood. Older, drier wood may require several applications. Apply wax using a microfiber cloth to create a durable finish. Polish the wood to ensure all excess wax is removed.

    IDEAL FOR: Raw wood cabinets & buffets, butcher block countertops, wood antiques, wood toys for children.

    INGREDIENTS: Refined coconut oil, raw coconut oil, rice bran wax, proprietary blend of pure essential oils.




    Vegan-Friendly | GMO-Free | Gluten-Free | Cruelty-Free
    Absolutely free of sulfates, phosphates, parabens & petrochemicals! 



    ** Sold individually or in our Wood Oil & Wax Bundle! **