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Natural products, from our family to yours.

Since the late 90’s, the Caron family have been formulating & manufacturing 100% natural products out of the beautiful Laurentians of Quebec. The first brand developed by the family was an unscented line of natural soaps and skincare products under the name Bare Basic Soap Company (circa 1999). 

In the early 2000’s the family set out to launch a new brand with a focus on developing Olive Oil based products, that brand was Olive Authentique. For over a decade and a half the family focus was on this brand. In early 2013, Caron & Doucet was conceptualized. A premium brand that focuses on developing and manufacturing 100% natural kitchen and household cleaning and maintenance products. 

"Since the very beginning, our primary focus has always been to develop and manufacture premium 100% natural products that everyone can enjoy. I am confident that you & your family will enjoy the products just as much as we do. If for any reason you are not 100% satisfied, we’ll refund your money! "- Stephen Caron, President


Always made with 100% natural ingredients.

No shortcuts.  Our products are always made exclusively using 100% naturally derived, non-toxic, plant based ingredients. When sourcing raw materials, we will never make a compromise when it comes to quality. High quality sustainable resources are vast and superior in quality. It is time to end our dependency on petroleum. Join us!

Strict quality control.  Each shipment of raw ingredients that we receive goes through stringent quality control testing to ensure their purity & quality. Any raw materials that does not meet our standards are sent back to their supplier.

Tested by hand.  Once all the materials have been acquired, we then produce a small batch of products which are tested to verify that the final product meets our standards. Upon satisfaction, we do a full production run, always verifying for a consistent and superior product, from start to finish. 

Premium crafted products from our hands to yours! Our product promise:

Corporate responsibility.

In an effort to address today's issues surrounding social inequality and the climate crisis affecting our planet, Caron Brands Inc. has taken a proactive approach to implementing corporate responsibility programs that help address key issues on a local and global level.

Commitment to our workers.

Caron Brands Inc. values the tremendous effort our employees put into building this successful company. We believe that our workers are the core reason for our success and as such, we have implemented a guaranteed living wage to all of our employees along with flexible hours and vacation times.

Doing our part for future generations

Commitment to our environment

With the goal of reducing the global dependence on petroleum products, Caron Brands Inc. pledges to strictly use 100% natural ingredients ingredients in all product formulations. In addition, Caron Brands Inc. makes monthly donations to the Oceanic Cleanup Foundation that is deploying a fleet of systems, estimated to be able to remove 50% of the Great Pacific Garbage Patch every five years.

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